Company Profile

The company Simacom was established in 1994 aiming to cover the needs in the field of safety and surveillance for every modern home and office building. On a well founded basis, through its successful path in the field, the experience obtained through the years and its expertise, Simacom continues to grow and evolve according to the new market conditions and needs.
In its own new established executive building at Acadimia Platonos, the company accommodates offices, storage rooms and an exhibition area where visitors can see and obtain information about the company’s products.

Within the bounds of development and promotion of new technologically credible products and with its major operation and expertise in providing absolute solutions in the field of safety and surveillance of residences and office buildings Simacom develops and creates high quality intercommunication systems.

Please note that all its products comprise of the required international certificate of operation, quality and organization (TUV Bayern, VDE, GS και CE). Therefore, they are equivalent and comparable with other products ofknown manufacturers abroad.
Simacom’s products are distributed in Greece and abroad under the logo CTC Electronics. The changing needs of our times lead us to strive for excellence and evolve daily on all levels. The company’s policy to cooperate with all its clients holds Simecom credible in its field. The availability, organization and distribution of our products is direct and cost-effective servicing every corner of Greece.

Our services expand above sales in the direct technical support of our products through our qualified staff who receive continually professional development seminars on products and new collaborations. The interest and diligent efforts for expansion and advancement in sales turned Simacom in a credible, pioneer company and its products a safe choice with guaranteed lifetime.